We Have A Lifetime Limited Guarantee On All Auto Body Repairs

From minor to major damages, Dale Bright's Auto Service in Chino, CA 91710 ensures your vehicle is both operating properly and looks great. Contact us at 909-628-0600 or send us an email to find out what we can do for your vehicle. For routine vehicle repairs, see our general auto services.

We work with all major insurance companies, Insurance claim assistance, and Nationwide guarantee. We repair scratches, scuffs, and dents caused by theft, vandalism, collisions and major accidents. Don't let the insurance company direct you where to get your vehicle repaired. You have the right to go to the shop of your choice!

Our collision and auto body repair services include:
  • All paint matching done on-site
  • Body Work
  • DuPont Paints
  • Frame Work
    The frame is the main structure of a motor vehicle and all other components fasten to it. The frame is usually made of very hard and strong metal to withstand stress in case of a collision. However, this does not mean that the frame is 100% resistant to damages in a collision. In some cases, a collision may damage the car's framework. When this happens, the other body parts attached to the frame also suffer. To get your car back on the road - after a collision - have its framework worked on by experts. At Dale Bright's Auto Service, we have experts who can work on your car's framework to make sure your car goes back to its pre-accident state. For fast collision repair services, contact us at 909-628-0600.

    Painting provides a decorative and protective layer to your car. In addition to providing personality and uniqueness to your vehicle, this layer protects your car's bodywork from corrosion. During collisions, a car is susceptible to scratches and dents. When this happens, you'll need to have your car patched and repainted. To have this done professionally, contact Dale Bright's Auto Service's expert mechanics.

    The collision repair industry understands the importance of welding for consumer safety. Performing a safe and proper weld requires more than technician training and skill, however. The proper shop infrastructure and equipment are also essential. At Dale Bright's Auto Service, our technicians are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and are trained on the latest techniques.

    In the event of a collision or a rock from a passing car, the windshield is susceptible to breakage. When broken or cracked, it may become difficult to see through the windshield. Large cracks in windshields can also be unsightly. When your windshield is damaged during a collision, consider our collision repair services. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can either replace or repair your windshield. When replacement is required, our repair specialists use high-quality replacement windshields.